Market demand:
the UK needs more power

We are Mast Energy Developments

MED will acquire and develop a portfolio of flexible, small scale, multiple Reserve Power generation plants throughout the UK producing 300 MW of safe and clean power through natural gas. This will be fed into the National Grid to contribute to stable electricity provision and help prevent future shortages by balancing out the national grid at critical times and thereby reducing future blackouts events. The sites targeted by MED are too small on their own to interest any of the medium or large power producers, offering an opportunity to MED to build up to 300 MW in a very short space of time.

Future Power UK
The UK is rapidly switching its power generation from fossil fuel base load/large scale gas to Reserve Power (“RP”) gas and renewable sources (Solar and Wind)
Renewable Energy
Results in instability due to lack of consistency of wind and solar energy and base load power requirements
A shortage in the UK’s gas supply and unreliability of renewables will affect electricity generation, leading to shortages and an increase in prices
Renewable Generation :
in the UK : c. 37 – 40%
22,890 GWh Generated in the UK
Record Price of Electricity in the UK: £1000 per MWh
9 Aug
Black – Out
1,000,000 people in the UK without power due to lightning strike
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