Project 2

Publicly Announced via RNS 7 Sep, 28 Oct, and 2 Dec 2020 and 25 Jan and 28 Jan 2021.

Mast Energy Developments


This site, which due to contractual conditions precedents may not be identified pre – IPO, is a production – ready site which will enter production immediately once the IPO is completed. This site will add 9MW installed capacity reserve power to the MED stable. This site will create an opportunity to for accelerated commissioning of the Bordesley reserve power project.

Power Generation Ready

  • Freehold site with established infrastructure including 9 MW grid export connection and several world-renowned OEM operating units in situ and live
  • Permitting in place, G59 commissioned and live, Gas kiosk commissioned and live

Revenue Creation Ready and Commercially Attractive

  • Power Generation readiness triggers instantaneous revenue creation ;
  • Third-party financial modelling based on 7.5 MW generating capacity results in Post Tax summation of annual revenue stream over project life of £7,290,411 and IRR c. 19% to 21%

Guaranteed Income

  • Blue chip off-taker in place.

Mitigate Investment Risk

  • Materially through the acquisition of a freehold site with established infrastructure, operating engines in situ, connected to Balance of Plant as well as gas and grid connections;

Significant cost, time and CAPEX savings

  • In respect of the overall development plan for the MED Plc reserve power portfolio as a direct result of Target 2’s competitive price, compelling economic, commercial and technical merits unique strategic fit with MED Plc development strategy

Strategic Platform

  • From which MED Plc can significantly accelerate the development of its project portfolio by developing multiple sites simultaneously;

Project Acceleration

  • Create an opportunity to bring its Bordesley reserve power project into production at a much earlier date than currently scheduled and at significantly lower cost than currently planned for;

Rapidly Growing Target Market

  • Increasing volatility arising from structural shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources and rising spend on gas & electricity is resulting in tight capacity margins during peak times