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The Bordesley Project (“Bordesley”) is the first Reserve Power (“RP”) project acquired by MED and is now in the construction stage with an anticipated completion and in steady-state production by Q2 2022. Boresley is a 5 MW gas powered RP site  extendable to 19.12 MW located in Central Birmingham.


  • 25-year lease hold site with planning and permitting in place for the installation of a 5 MW synchronous gas-powered reserve power generation facility with ancillary infrastructure, Balance of Plant and gas and electrical connections.
  • Tenancy agreement in place.
  • Grid Connection Offer in place.
  • Gas Connection Offer in place.
  • Defined EPC Scope of Works completed.
  • Defined Balance of Plant Scope of Works completed.
  • Advanced Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (‘EPC’) solution agreed and accepted, inclusive of a GAP analysis of works not covered in EPC and Balance of Plant.
  • Construction of Plant has commenced under the guidance of the Project EPC contractor, Clarke Energy and Owner’s Engineer, Encora.

Revenue Creation and Commercially Attractive

  • Optionality of shared infra-structure with Pyebridge currently being evaluated to optimise revenues from two closely located RP plants with a combined production capacity of 14.12 MW.

Guaranteed Income

  • Revenue will be created by selling electricity generated to blue chip off-taker in terms of existing contractual arrangements MED have in place into rapidly growing target market.

Mitigate Investment Risk

  • Materially, through entering into a long-term tenancy agreement with planning consent in place detailing technical specifications coupled gas and electrical connections and a clear route to market.
  • Shared infrastructure and reciprocal intercompany sale of electricity due to excess Pyebridge capacity.

Project Acceleration

  • Shared infrastructure creates an opportunity to establish Bordesley reserve power project into production resulting in significantly lower Capex than currently planned for.
  • Potential of additional 2 MW electricity export by increasing generating capacity by introduction battery storage.
  • Debt funding facility in place with Close Brothers to finance debt funding component of development and operations.

Project Development

  • In respect of the overall development plan for the MED reserve power portfolio, Bordersley’s competitive price, economic, commercial and technical merits provide a strategic fit with MED’s development strategy.

Strategic Platform

  • From which MED can significantly accelerate the development of its project portfolio by developing multiple sites simultaneously.

Rapidly Growing Target Market

  • Increasing volatility arising from structural shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources and rising spend on gas & electricity is resulting in tight capacity margins during peak times.